Red Dawn  2011
Winter in Wartime  2011
5 Days of August  2011
Age of Heroes  2011
Sniper: Reloaded  2011
Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers  2011
Sisters of War  2010
Jackboots on Whitehall  2010
Essential Killing  2010
Bang Rajan 2  2010
Hors-la-loi (Outside the Law)  2010
Djinns  2010
Armadillo  2010
Pohwasogeuro (Into the Fire)  2010
Puppet Master: Axis of Evil  2010
La Rafle  2010
Centurion  2010
Restrepo  2010
Incendies  2010
Brestskaya krepost  2010
In Red Dawn, an American city awakens to the surreal sight of foreign paratroopers dropping from the sky – shockingly, the U.
S. has been invaded and their hometown is the initial target. Quickly and without warning, the citizens find themselves
prisoners and their town under enemy occupation. Determined to fight back, a group of young patriots seek refuge in the
surrounding woods, training and reorganizing themselves into a guerilla group of fighters. Taking inspiration from their high
school mascot, they call themselves the Wolverines, banding together to protect one another, liberate their town from its
captors, and take back their freedom.
Nazi-occupied Holland, 1945. In a snow-covered village, thirteen-year-old MICHIEL (Martijn Lakemeier) is drawn into the
Resistance when he aids a wounded British paratrooper. Michiel's boyish sense of defiance and adventure soon turns to
danger and desperation, as Michiel is forced to act without knowing whom to trust among the adults and townspeople around
him. The wartime harsh reality encroaches on childhood innocence as Michiel confronts good and evil, courage and duplicity,
and his own burden of responsibility.
The film starts in Iraq where the Georgian contingent of the coalition forces saves the life of an American reporter Thomas
Anders. After Anders loses one of his colleagues in Iraq, he returns to Los Angeles but soon goes to Georgia on the advice of
some of his friends in Tbilisi who suspect that a large conflict is brewing. He, along with his cameraman Sebastian Ganz,
delve deeper into Georgian life as conflict escalates and they get caught in the crossfire when an air raid strikes a local
wedding they stumble upon. With the help of a Georgian soldier they met in Iraq, their mission becomes to get their report out
of the country to raise awareness of violence they've witnessed.
AGE OF HEROES is an action–packed British thriller based on the real–life events of Ian Fleming‘s 30 Commando during
World War II – the template for the modern day SAS. Sean Bean (Lord Of The Rings, Golden Eye) and Danny Dyer (The
Business, The Football Factory) star in an adrenalin–fuelled action–adventure which takes our heroes from the edge of defeat
on the beaches of Dunkirk to the mountains of Norway on a search–and–destroy mission behind enemy lines that, if
successful, would change the course of the war.
While working with the UN Forces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Marine Sgt. Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael
Collins), son of renowned sniper Thomas Beckett, receives orders to rescue a European farmer trapped in the middle of
hostile rebel territory. When he and his men arrive at the farm, a mysterious sniper ambushes them, wounding Beckett and
killing everyone else. With the help of his father’s former protégé, sniper instructor Richard Miller (Billy Zane), Beckett must
learn to think like a sniper to track down the assassin before the sniper returns to finish the job.
Untold and lost history. A true story of the American Pathfinders, the volunteer paratroopers whose deadly mission was to
land 30 minutes before the Normandy invasion, locate and mark strategic "drop zones" and set up the top-secret navigation
equipment needed to guide the main airborne assault on D-Day.
In January 1942, the Japanese war machine thundered across South East Asia. In its path lay a tiny Catholic mission station,
Vunapope. Here a handful of Australian nurses took refuge along with a number of wounded Australian soldiers. Abandoned
by their commanding officers, they were left to face the Japanese alone. Sisters of War is inspired by the true story of two
extraordinary Australian women, Lorna Whyte (now Johnston), an army nurse and Sister Berenice Twohill, a Catholic nun
from country New South Wales who was stationed at Vunapope. Although they were two very different women, their friendship
would survive the incredible events that followed. When the Japanese arrived at Vunapope, the nurses and their patients
were saved from massacre by the appearance of the mission’s leader, Bishop Leo Scharmach. This astonishing man
bluffed the Japanese into believing that he was a personal friend of Hitler and that the mission was Hitler’s property. Any
massacre of Australians would be a declaration of war on Germany. In the dark days that followed, Sister Berenice and Lorna
found themselves facing starvation, beatings and torture. Their beliefs were constantly tested, as was their friendship.
From the McHenry Brothers (Edward McHenry and Rory McHenry) comes a satirical version of World War II in which the
Scottish defeat the German invasion of England. Chris (Ewan McGregor) dreams of the chance to join the army and fight in
exciting new lands rather than be stuck in the slow paced village life he has grown up in. His chance comes when the three
top Nazis hatch a plan to invade England by drilling under the English Channel and into the heart of London. With the entire
British army stuck in Dunkirk and no military support to defend the country, Churchill issues a final radio broadcast from his
bunker in Downing Street – a cry for help. But can the nation unite in time to make one last stand against the Nazi forces?
Jackboots on Whitehall boasts pioneering techniques in animation, fusing innovative puppeteering animatronics developed
by Rory McHenry and VFX by MFX London.
A Taliban member who lives in Afghanistan is taken captive by the Americans after killing three American soldiers. He is
transferred to Europe for interrogation but manages to escape from his captors and becomes an escaped convict on a
continent he does not know.
The year is 1767. The kingdom of Ayutthaya has fallen to Burmese troops, and they bring back Buddha statues and
prisoners to their own country. In a small farming village called Bang Rajan, the leader of Yantric Warriors, Nai Man
(Paradorn Srichapan) leads the way to fight against the Burmese invaders. The last survivor from Bang Rajan, Thammachot
(Teerayut Pratchbamroon) is a Buddhist monk who blesses and inspires the young warriors to fight bravely for their
kingdom. The Siam troops are led by Phraya Singh (Chatchai Plengpanich) and assisted by the Yantric Warriors. The
Burmese troops have plans to catch Thammachot, making him the most wanted man. Soon negotiation between the Siam
troops and Yantric Warriors commence to decide who shall lead the battle against Commander Suki, the leader of the
Burmese troops. Who will be selected and which kingdom will win the battle?
After loosing their family home in Algeria, three brothers and their mother are scattered across the globe. Messaoud joins the
French army fighting in Indochina; Abdelkader becomes a leader of the Algerian independence movement in France and Saïd
moves to Paris to make his fortune in the shady clubs and boxing halls of Pigalle. Gradually, their interconnecting destinies
reunite them in the French capital, where freedom is a battle to be fought and won.
One of the films being teased at the American Film Market is Stranded , from Sandra Martin and Hugues Martin. It stars
Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet, Theirry Fremont, Said Taghmaoui, Cyril Raffaelli and Aurelien Wiik. Set against the backdrop of the
North African desert in 1960, Stranded follows a group of soldiers who are sent on a rescue mission in the desert. Trapped in
a sand storm, isolated from their commander, they run into Algerian rebels. As they seek shelter in an uncharted village,
another, invisible, threat comes out from the desert - the Djinns. As their ranks are decimated, they'll face the longest nights of
their lives.
In February 2009 a group of Danish soldiers accompanied by documentary filmmaker Janus Metz arrived at Armadillo, an
army base in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. Metz and cameraman Lars Skree spent six months following the
lives of young soldiers situated less than a kilometer away from Taliban positions. The outcome of their work is a gripping
and highly authentic war drama that was justly awarded the Grand Prix de la Semaine de la Critique at this year's Cannes
film festival. But it also provoked furious debate in Denmark concerning the controversial behavior of certain Danish soldiers
during a shootout with Taliban fighters. The filmmakers repeatedly risked their lives shooting this tense, brilliantly edited,
and visually sophisticated probe into the psychology of young men in the midst of a senseless war whose victims are
primarily local villagers. Yet more disturbing than scenes in which Taliban bullets whiz past their cameras is the footage of
the young soldiers as each tries, in his own way, to come to terms with putting his life constantly on the line.
A story of 71 student soldier trainees who fought an impossible war against seasoned North Korean army during Korean War
which broke out in 1950. Based on real history, the film delicately depicts the fierce battle that teenage student soldiers fall
into as they fight to protect the final defense line by themselves when under a surprise attack and their emotions and conflicts
as they experience the grown-ups' war.
In a Stateside hotel during the height of World War II, young Danny Coogan dreams of joining the war effort. Following the
murder of hotel guest Mr. Toulon by Nazi assassins, Danny finds the old man's crate of mysterious puppets and is suddenly
thrust into a battle all his own. He discovers that Nazis Max and Klaus, along with beautiful Japanese saboteur Ozu, plan to
attack a secret American manufacturing plant. After his family is attacked and his girlfriend Beth is kidnapped, it is up to
Danny and the living deadly Puppets to stop this Axis of Evil.
In picturesque Montmarte, three children wearing a yellow star play in the streets, oblivious to the darkness spreading over
Nazi-occupied France. Their parents do not seem too concerned either, somehow putting their trust in the Vichy Government.
But beyond this view, much is going on. Hitler demands that the French government round up its Jews and put them on
trains for the extermination camps in the East. The collaborators start to put the plan into effect and within a short time,
13,000 of Paris’s Jews, among them 4,000 children, will be rounded up and sent on a road with no return. The fateful date:
July 16th, 1942, 68 years ago. With a meticulously constructed script based on extensive research and first-hand accounts,
writer/director Roselyne Bosch brings to the screen one of the most moving dramas of the year. Powered by fluid direction
and a string of stars- from Jean Reno (The Da Vinci Code, Leon: The Professional) to Mélanie Laurent (Inglourious
Basterds, The Concert)- La Rafle became a big box-office hit in France in the first half of 2010, and its audiences included
thousands of young people who came to learn about a dark chapter in their country’s history.
Britain, A.D. 117. Quintus Dias, the sole survivor of a Pictish raid on a Roman frontier fort, marches north with General Virilus'
legendary Ninth Legion, under orders to wipe the Picts from the face of the Earth and destroy their leader, Gorlacon.
Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington's year dug in with the Second Platoon in one of Afghanistan's most strategically
crucial valleys reveals extraordinary insight into the surreal combination of back breaking labor, deadly firefights, and
camaraderie as the soldiers painfully push back the Taliban.
Twins journey to the Middle East to discover their family history, and fulfill their mother's last wishes.
A war drama set during the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, in which Russian troops held on to a border
stronghold for nine days.
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