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The Monuments Men
Zero Dark Dirty
Cinco de Mayo, La Batalla
Madras Cafe
Approaching Midnight
Bless Me, Ultima
Walking with the Enemy
A Gun & a Ring
Resistance Movement
P-51 Dragon Fighter
A Farewell to Fools
Çanakkale Yolun Sonu
The Book Thief
Lone Survivor
Based on Frank Miller's latest graphic novel Xerxes and told in the breathtaking visual style of the blockbuster 300, this new
chapter of the epic saga takes the action to a fresh battlefield--on the sea--as Greek general Themistokles (Sullivan
Stapleton)attempts to unite all of Greece by leading the charge that will change the course of the war. 300: Rise of an Empire
pits Themistokles against the massive invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), and
Artemesia (Eva Green), vengeful commander of the Persian navy.
Billed as a German BAND OF BROTHERS, the blockbuster miniseries Generation War vividly depicts the lives of five young
German friends forced to navigate the unconscionable moral compromises of life under Hitler. Level-headed, highly decorated
officer Wilhelm (Volker Bruch) goes off to the eastern front with his sensitive younger brother Friedhelm (Tom Schilling). Deeply
in love with Wilhelm is Charlotte (Miriam Stein), a young nurse who looks forward to serving in the Red Cross. Greta (Katherina
Schüttler) is a talented singer who longs to become another Marlene Dietrich, while her Jewish boyfriend Viktor (Ludwig
Trepte) fights for his life while hiding among members of the Polish Resistance.
Stalingrad has become hell and paradise for those who were worthy of awards, but the only reward they managed to get was
love. How they won, and how they were not defeated, who they were and who was on the other side of the street, what secret
they have taken away with them - the movie will tell this story.
Based on the true story of the greatest treasure hunt in history, The Monuments Men is an action drama focusing on an
unlikely World War II platoon, tasked by FDR with going into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and
returning them to their rightful owners. It would be an impossible mission: with the art trapped behind enemy lines, and with
the German army under orders to destroy everything as the Reich fell, how could these guys - seven museum directors,
curators, and art historians, all more familiar with Michelangelo than the M-1 - possibly hope to succeed? But as the
Monuments Men, as they were called, found themselves in a race against time to avoid the destruction of 1000 years of
culture, they would risk their lives to protect and defend mankind's greatest achievements.
A rock and roll musician travels to Afghanistan to win the hearts and minds of its people.
On May 5th, 1862, a few thousand Mexican soldiers put their lives on the line against the world's largest and most powerful
army in one legendary battle for freedom and for Mexico.
Madras Cafe is Indian political action thriller film directed by Shoojit Sircar and produced by John Abraham and Ronnie Lahiri.
The main role of an Indian intelligence agent in the film is played by John Abraham, while Nargis Fakhri, who is the female
lead, plays an international reporter. The film also deals with the subject of terrorism, and was shot in India and Sri Lanka.
The film was earlier titled Jaffna. It is set to release on August 23.
US Army Staff Sergeant Wesley Kent returns from the war abroad and must now fight the threat of corruption and deception
in his hometown at all personal costs.
A story centered on the battle of Stalingrad during WWII.
A drama set in New Mexico during WWII, centered on the relationship between a young man and an elderly medicine
woman who helps him contend with the battle between good and evil that rages in his village.
Wartime, 1942. Singapore. An Australian fighter pilot shot down in combat awakens suspended in the treetops. As night
devours day, he must navigate through dangerous jungle in search of sanctuary. Transcending language and culture,
CANOPY is a cinematic tour de force exploring the collision of war, nature and its impact on humanity.
A young man, separated from his family in WWII, disguises himself as a Nazi SS Officer and uncovers more than just his family
Humanity has survived what seemed to be the apocalypse, but a threat still remains. Delta Zulu follows Clark, a freelance
reporter who will be amongst the few civilians ever allowed into a Red Zone, a lawless quarantined area that still breathes
war. Clark has been embedded with a team of mercenary contractors from White Shield International, one of the thousands
of Private Military Companies that travel into The Zone on a daily basis to fulfill contracts for the government, large
corporations, and private individuals. Clark attempts to find a story amongst a group of forgotten soldiers in a forgotten war
and gets more than he bargains for.
Lives of seemingly ordinary people clash and change forever in interlocking tales of guilt, courage and passion.
Three teenagers risk their lives when they commit treason to spread the truth in Nazi Germany. Based on the true story of the
Helmuth Hubener group, the youngest German resistance fighters in World War II.
Set during World War II, somewhere in Transylvania. A German soldier is found dead near the village. The local authorities
must find the culprit, or they will be all shot by the Nazis the morning after. There's no way to find the guilty one, but there's Ipu,
the madman of the village, whom they promise a hero's funeral if he will claims responsibility and agrees to die in their place.
He must decide, and time is running out.
25 Nisan 1915... Osmanli Imparatorlugunun direnis kapisi olan Çanakkale, gemi yoluyla geçilememis ve isgalciler, çaresiz
bir manevrayla Gelibolu kiyilarina çikartma yapmaya baslamislardir. Isgal kuvvetlerinin belki de en büyük direnisi gördükleri
koy, o andan sonra maglup bir ordunun adiyla anilacaktir; Anzak Koyu.
While subjected to the horrors of World War II Germany, young Liesel finds solace by stealing books and sharing them with
others. Under the stairs in her home, a Jewish refugee is being sheltered by her adoptive parents.
Based on the failed June 28, 2005 mission "Operation Red Wings". Four members of SEAL Team 10 were tasked with the
mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad Shahd. Marcus Luttrell was the only member of his team to
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