Mars Needs Moms  2011
Slices of Life  2010
Slime City Massacre  2010
Dinoshark  2010
AniMen: Triton Force  2010
Paradox  2010
The Scientist  2010
Rubber 2010
Alien vs. Ninja 2010
Kaboom 2010
Arctic Blast 2010
Virus X 2010
Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie 2010
Death Race 2  2010
Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III 2010
Never Let Me Go 2010
Endhiran 2010
Sharktopus 2010
Mega Man 2010
Mongolian Death Worm 2010
His mother (voice of Joan Cusack) abducted by Martians intent on harvesting her maternal instincts to nurture their young,
nine-year-old Milo (voice of Seth Green) stows away in an alien spacecraft bound for Mars in a bid to bring her safely back to
Earth. Later, on the Red Planet, Milo befriends a subterranean-dwelling earthling named Gribble (Dan Fogler) and a spirited
Martian lass named Ki (Elisabeth Harnois), who agree to help him locate his missing mother and confront the head alien in
charge (voice of Mindy Sterling).
Sexual Parasites, Disembowelment, Zombies, Serial Killers, Demon Children, Violent Vixens, Rabid Office Workers and Angry
Embryos all spring to life from the flesh covered sketch books featured in Anthony G. Sumner's (Gallery of Fear) SLICES OF
LIFE. Mira (Kaylee Williams) awakens in front of a seedy roadside motel with amnesia. She searches for clues to her identity in
the pages of three bound sketchbooks, in which each book represents a different aspect of everyday life, maybe her life. WORK
LIFE A lowly clerk at a nano technology firm unleashes a deadly virus at the office headquarters, giving new meaning to the
term corporate zombie. HOME LIFE As local girls begin to disappear, a young pregnant woman is haunted by visions of evil
demonic children hell bent on stealing her unborn fetus. SEX LIFE A young brother and sister on the run from a sexually
abusive home life, take refuge in a countryside Victorian manor- only to discover the monsters hidden in this house have been
looking for a new home.
In the wake of a "dirty bomb" attack, a New York City neighborhood known as "Slime City" has been evacuated, except for the
homeless ("displaced refugees"). Four squatters searching for food in the ruins of the Zachary Devon Soup Kitchen (Jennifer
Bihl, Kealan Patrick Burke, Debbie Rochon, Lee Perkins) discover a supply of Zachary Devon's Home Brewed Elixir and
Himalayan Yogurt. When they drink the elixir and eat the yogurt, they are transformed into hideous slime creatures driven to
murder - an intermediate step as they are possessed by the spirits of Zachary Devon (Robert Sabin) and the members of his
Coven of Flesh, who committed suicide years earlier. When a greedy developer (Roy Frumkes) sets his sites on Slime City,
he hires a team of mercenaries (Nelron Hubbard, Tommy Sweeney, T.J. Merrick, Eric Mache, and Nicholas John Morgan
Anderson) to wipe out the homeless population. It's a battle royal between the Slime Heads, the mercenaries, and
bloodthirsty mutant cannibals!
Step aside Sharktopus, there's a new mutant in the ocean and it's a prehistoric killing machine that's had thousands of years
to build up an appetite. Freed from its glacial prison by a sudden climate shift, the Antarctic nightmare quickly makes its way
down to Mexico, where the crowded beaches are a virtual buffet for a starving sea monster. As the scenic sands run red with
blood and terrified beachcombers flee for their lives, fearless captain Trace (Eric Balfour) and headstrong Marin biologist
Carol (Iva Hasperger) quickly realize that the culprit is a creature that could eat Jaws for breakfast. Now, in order to defeat the
beast and make the beaches safe again, Trace and Carol will need the help of the world's one and only Dinoshark specialist
(Roger Corman). But the closer the trio gets to the dreaded Dinoshark, the more they risk becoming its next meal.
Centuries of unchecked industrialization has left the planet Earth unsuitable for supporting human life. Rather than trying to
restore the ravaged planet, humanity learned to embrace its changing environment. Through genetic manipulation people
were able to adapt to the harsh conditions their ancestors created. At the same time, brave explorers ventured far beyond the
galaxy; in search of resources, living space, and adventure. These men and women carried with them data crystals
containing human technology, relics of Humanity’s Golden Age; and some were able to find planets to start new lives while
others were lost to the void. One such expedition stumbled upon a planet, its surface covered with wetlands and thick
Homicide detective Sean Nault, a cop on a parallel Earth whose technology is powered exclusively by magic. Sean
investigates a baffling series of murders committed by a means he's never seen before: science. With the aid of Lenoir, a
member of the ridiculed subculture of "pragmatists" who believe science is more than the stuff of myths & children's stories,
and the 130-year-old sorcerer Winston Churchill, Sean uncovers an ominous plot that will lead him to another dimension
and the realization that, unless he prevents it, both earths could well be destroyed.
The Scientist follows a brilliant physicist, Dr. Marcus Ryan (Bill Sage), who anguishes over the tragic death of his wife and
daughter while secretly constructing a mysterious energy generator in his basement. The multi-dimensional energy
unleashed by the machine triggers a series of events that propels Ryan toward a higher level of consciousness.
RUBBER is the story of Robert, an inanimate tire that has been abandoned in the desert, and suddenly and inexplicably
comes to life. As Robert roams the bleak landscape, he discovers that he possesses telepathic powers that give him the
ability to destroy anything he wishes without having to move. At first content to wreak havoc on small desert creatures and
various lost items, his attention soon turns to humans, resulting in the most gory vehicular-related mayhem inflicted on
screen by an “inanimate” object since Christine.
A band of Ninja warriors, led by an Iga Ninja named Yamata, witness a giant ball of fire drop from the sky and crash into the
forest. When the warriors find and attempt to identify the object, they discover aliens that attack and feast on the ninjas.
Yamata and the survivors swear vengeance, but in challenging the aliens, they learn that their weapons have no effect.
Smith's everyday life in the dorm - hanging out with his arty, sarcastic best friend Stella, hooking up with a beautiful free spirit
named London, lusting for his gorgeous but dim surfer roommate Thor - all gets turned upside-down after one fateful,
terrifying night.
A US research vessel sits on a calm Antarctic Ocean just 100 miles off the coast of Australia studying the thinning of the
ozone. Suddenly a blast of sub zero air strikes the vessel, flash freezing the scientists and crew, bodily fluids turning to ice,
skin splitting as ice crystals expand in muscle and tissue – the deaths are horrific and instant… Jack Tate, a brilliant, yet
troubled physicist specializing in Earth Sciences is the land based support for the research vessel. Complicating his life is a
messy divorce from the local medical examiner Emma and a strained relationship with his teenaged daughter Naomi. When
Jack learns about the bizarre deaths of his colleagues, he sets off to discover the cause. By piecing together the chain of
events: the solar eclipse, a sudden drop in temperature of the mesosphere, and a rip in the ozone layer, Jack concludes that
all of these elements have combined to create the ultimate disaster--a new ICE AGE! But when Jack presents his theory to the
scientific community, his rogue past catches up to him and they refuse to listen to his solution to save the planet.
A group of medical scientists are quarantined inside their lab after being infected with a deadly hyper-mutant form of the H1N1
virus. With only 3 days left to live they have no way to escape and no way out. While the deceitful head doctor monitors them
from a hidden surveillance room the scientists must uncover the harrowing truth behind their detainment and force their own
way to freedom.
A squad of Ultramarines answer a distress call from an Imperial Shrine World. A full Company of Imperial Fists was
stationed there, but there is no answer from them. The squad investigates to find out what has happened there.
‘Death Race 2′ takes place in the very near future, as the United States economy begins to decline and violent crime starts to
spiral out of control. To contain the growing criminal population, a vast network of for-profit, private prisons springs up,
creating a lawless subculture ruled by gangs, cold-blooded killers and sociopaths. The worst of these prisons is Terminal
Island. Convicted cop-killer Carl Lucas (Luke Goss) arrives on the Island to serve his life sentence just as ruthlessly
ambitious television personality September Jones launches the ultimate reality show, Death Race. A brutal prison yard
demolition derby that pits prisoners against each other in steel reinforced, heavily armed vehicles, Death Race offers the
winner the ultimate prize: freedom if he can survive to enjoy it. When Lucas signs up to be a driver, the stage is set for the birth
of a legendary racer.
Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III, directed by Chris McKay, combines the satirical sensibilities of Green and Matthew
Senreich's (Stoopid Monkey Productions) Robot Chicken with characters of the Star Wars universe. The specials and the
Robot Chicken series, the highest-rated original program on Adult Swim, are created in conjunction with ShadowMachine
Films' Alex Bulkley and Corey Campodonico.
As children, Ruth, Kathy and Tommy, spend their childhood at a seemingly idyllic English boarding school. As they grow into
young adults, they find that they have to come to terms with the strength of the love they feel for each other, while preparing
themselves for the haunting reality that awaits them.
Endhiran, the Robot', the tenth film by S.Shankar, stars Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the lead. Rajnikanth
reportedly plays a double role i the movie - as scientist Vaseegaran and as the robot developed by him. The film, expected to
cost a whopping Rs 180 crore, may turn out to be the costliest film in India. AR Rahman composes the music for which he
would be paid Rs 10 crore, it is rumoured. The film was originally supposed to be produced by Ayngaran International, who
backed out of the film midway through. Now, the film is being produced by Sun Pictures. The robot made in Rajnikanth's
likeness and the futuristic costumes esigned for the superstar have already become the rage among cinegoers.
A half-shark, half-octopus creature created for the military, creates a whole lot of terror in Mexico while a scientist who helped
created it tries to capture/kill it.
A brave android volunteers to combat the robotic minions of a mad scientist bent on world domination.
When an American oil company sets up an experimental drilling plant out in the vast deserts of Mongolia, they awaken a
nest. The deadly creatures begin to breed and spread, devouring everyone in their path. The only person who can stop them
is treasure hunter and adventure seeker who spent his life searching for a legendary tomb, fabled to be protected by the
Death Worms. He knows he must do what he can to kill the creatures, but stopping these monsters may mean destroying
his life's work forever!
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