Armed and Deadly 2011
Margin Call 2011
Straw Dogs 2011
Kill Katie Malone 2011
Carjacked 2011
The Devil's Double 2011
13 2011
Page Eight 2011
Restitution 2011
The Craigslist Killer 2011
Trespass 2011
19 Doors 2011
Faces in the Crowd 2011
Assassins' Code 2011
Septien 2011
The Inner Room 2011
Isolation 2011
Snow Beast 2011
The Caller 2011
Good Neighbors 2011
Haunted Gulf War veteran Janis Mckenzie (Lisa Varga) keeps people at arm's length after returning home from active duty and
losing the love of her life, but finds that her greatest fight is yet to come. As a teenager, Janis watched helplessly as her twin
brother Jamey (Kennth Stellingwerf) killed their parents in cold blood. 20 years later, Jamey is about to get out of prison. He's
vowed to kill his sister as soon as he's released, and now as Janis struggles to bury her darkened past, death comes
knocking on her door.
Investment-firm analyst Peter Sullivan (Zachary Quinto) uncovers sensitive information that could easily plunge the entire
business into peril, inadvertently destroying the lives and careers of his colleagues in this tense thriller set during the onset of
the 2008 financial crisis. Over the course of the next 24 hours, Sullivan realizes that the decisions he makes will not only affect
the employees of the firm, but the lives of everyday Americans from coast to coast as well. Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Stanley
Tucci, Demi Moore, and Paul Bettany co-star.
A Hollywood screenwriter and his wife come under attack from her ex-flame and his vicious friends in director Rod Lurie's
remake of Sam Peckinpah's 1971 home-invasion classic. In the wake of her father's death, Amy (Kate Bosworth) returns to
her rural Southern hometown with her husband, David (James Marsden). Her goal is to put her childhood home on the
market while David works on his latest screenplay. Meanwhile, David hires Amy's high school boyfriend Charlie (Alexander
Skarsgård) and his crew to rebuild the roof on the secluded country home. But the more time Charlie's work crew spends
working on the roof, the greater tensions begin to grow between Amy and David. Every time Amy walks outside, the work
stops and the ogling begins.
Four college students purchase an antique box containing ghost in an online auction, and realize it's no joke when the
vengeful wraith unleashes her supernatural wrath. Featuring Dean Cain.
A headstrong single mother fights back against a desperate bank robber in this tense thriller from The Marine director John
Bonito. Having recently separated from her abusive ex-husband, Lorraine (Maria Bello) is driving home with her young son
Chad (Connor Hill) when she pulls into a gas station to grab a quick dinner. That's when Roy (Stephen Dorff) appears in her
back seat with a loaded gun, and demands that Lorraine starts driving. Roy is a bank robber who's just pulled off a major
heist. He's on his way to pick up his money, but with the cops everywhere he's sure to be caught if he goes it alone. Though
Roy assures the terrified mother that he will not harm them if they do what he asks, Lorraine begins to suspect they will both
be killed once Roy gets his cash. Realizing that one false move could mean the death of her son yet determined not to be
victimized, Lorraine fights fiercely to gain the upper hand against Roy, and see that he pays for his crime.
Dominic Cooper (An Education) headlines director Lee Tamahori's fact-based docudrama centering on the nightmarish
experiences of an Iraqi army lieutenant whose life became a living hell after he was hand-selected to be a "fiday" (body
double) for Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's ruthless son Uday. Baghdad, 1987: Iraqi soldier Latif Yahia (Cooper) becomes
privy to the inner workings of the royal family after receiving an offer he can't refuse. Desperate to protect his family and
terrified of making any fatal missteps, Latif studies Uday's every personal tick in order to become the spitting image of the
so-called "Black Prince." While some Iraqis might have been honored to be presented with such a unique opportunity,
Uday's unparalleled sadism and debauched lifestyle quickly began to eat away at the very core of Latif's soul. As war with
Kuwait looms on the horizon, Latif finds himself increasingly drawn to Uday's ravishing mistress Sarrab (Ludivine Sagnier),
a woman with her own terrifying tales to tell about time spent with Iraq's cruelest son.
13 Tzameti (2005) writer/director Géla Babluani gives his critically lauded thriller an English-language makeover in this
remake featuring Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham. Handyman Vince Ferro (Sam Riley) is in a serious financial bind, and
he decides to steal a mysterious envelope containing a lucrative job offer. Posing as the client he stole it from, Vince quickly
finds himself participating in a bizarre game of Russian roulette in which degenerate gamblers wager on life and death. The
rules are simple: Each participant loads a single bullet into a revolver, spins the chamber, and points it at another man's
head. When the light bulb in the center of the room turns on, each contestant pulls the trigger. The players who survive live to
play another round as the stakes get progressively higher. Should anyone attempt to escape, they're shot on sight. With a little
luck, perhaps Vince can live through the game and collect a big-enough payout to solve all of his problems. Ray Winstone,
Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Michael Shannon, and Alexander Skarsgard co-star.
Johnny Worricker is a long-serving M15 officer when his boss and best friend, Benedict Baron, dies suddenly, leaving an
inexplicable file that threatens the stability of the organization. Meanwhile, a seemingly chance encounter with Johnny's
striking next-door neighbor, political activist Nancy Pierpan, seems too good to be true. Johnny may be forced to venture
outside of his very identity to find the truth.
A man posing as a writer arrives in a lakeside Michigan city to investigate a bizarre series of murders, only to learn that he
may be next when all of his informants begin dropping like flies. One year ago, insurance-fraud investigator Bryan Spikes was
implicated as the man responsible for a vicious murder spree, but he was quickly killed before he could speak out. Just as
local fervor surrounding the case begins to die down, Alex Forrester (Mark Bierlein) arrives in town claiming to be a writer
researching the case. Before long it becomes apparent that Bryan was permanently silenced as he prepared to make a
startling revelation. Now everyone who talks to Alex gets a one-way ticket to the morgue. It seems the only people Alex can
trust are his amiable neighbor (Tom Arnold), an ex-sharpshooter, and Heather (Mena Suvari), Bryan's former girlfriend. But
even they seem frustratingly elusive. Later, when Alex finds himself in the crosshairs and learns that Heather has been
targeted as well, he steps up his investigation and learns that this quaint city harbors a very dark secret.
Philip (Jake McDorman) seems like an average guy with a bright future, but the brutal murder of a woman who met her killer
on Craig's List turns him into the number suspect, and threatens to expose his dark secrets. Based on a true story, the
movie co-stars Agnes Bruckner and William Baldwin
A wealthy family fight back against a gang of ruthless criminals during a violent home invasion in this relentless nail-biter from
director Joel Schumacher (8MM, Phone Booth). Powerful businessman Kyle (Nicolas Cage) lives in a private community with
his gorgeous wife Sarah (Nicole Kidman) and their rebellious teenage daughter Avery (Liana Liberato). Though security is
tight in their affluent neighborhood, cunning thief Elias (Ben Mendelsohn) has spent months planning the perfect robbery, and
his crew have the skills needed to pull it off. Meanwhile, Sarah is overseeing the renovations that Kyle has approved when her
gaze begins to drift to the backyard of their sprawling estate and to a handsome worker (Cam Gigandet) as he tends to their
pool. Then one night, without warning, a simple knock at the door changes everything. Their home suddenly overrun by a
band of ruthless criminals whose polite demeanor masks a terrifying malevolence, the fractured family realize that the only
way out alive is to trust one another and fight together to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Trespass played at the 2011 Toronto
International Film Festival.
A screenwriter spends the night in a haunted hotel so that she can get some inspiration to write a new story. Soon she is beset
by a series of increasingly bizarre encounters that have her questioning her sanity.
An elementary school teacher survives a savage attack by a notorious serial killer, and struggles to identify him after being
stricken with a bizarre neurological disorder that prevents her from recognizing people's faces. When Anna Marchant (Milla
Jovovich) was attacked by the killer known as Tearjerk Jack, a blow to the head left her stricken with prosopagnosia.
Commonly known as face-blindness, it's a psychological affliction that renders even one's closest relatives unrecognizable.
Now, with only her sense of hearing to go on as the hunt for Tearjerk Jack intensifies, Anna joins Detective Kerrest (Julian
McMahon) in attempting to track down the elusive madman before he strikes again. Meanwhile, Tearjerk Jack has no
problem recognizing Anna, and he's determined to silence her before she can turn him in to the police.
Retired government assassin Paul Thorn is pulled back into the fray after a former colleague hands him the plans for a
terrifying new technology before suddenly dropping dead. Now whoever gets the plans will have ultimate power, and in order
to keep them safe Paul must place his trust in Stacia, a cynical nurse with a clear conscience. But it won't be easy, because
the army of assassins hunting them will not stop until they get what they want.
Disturbed Cornelius Rawlings returns to his isolated family home after 18 years to find that his parents are long dead, but his
two estranged brothers are still very much alive -- and that their athletic past is about to catch up with them. When Cornelius
arrives home, his brother Ezra is cleaning the house and praising the Lord. His other brother, Amos, is hailing Satan and
making art. Meanwhile, Cornelius can usually be found at the bottom of a bottle. Later, when a plumber and a beautiful girl
show up at their door, the three eccentric siblings fly off the rails. Now the only person who can save them from certain
self-destruction is an eccentric stranger with an unknown purpose.
When Julianne and her husband retreat to a remote cabin to try to mend their ailing relationship after suffering a tragedy, she
begins to have chilling visions that make her question her sanity.
Medical student Amy (Eva Amurri) awakens confined in a hospital bed without any memory of how or why she ended up there.
Eventually she realizes she's not alone, and she begins to suspect that the man who claims to be her doctor may in fact have
horrific plans up his sleeve. Directed by Stephan Kay.
Jim (John Schneider), a research scientist, travels to the Canadian wilderness accompanied by his team and his
16-year-old daughter in order to study the behavior patterns of a type of lynx. When they realize the lynx have mysteriously
disappeared from their territory, it begins to appear as though it is they who are the prey being stalked by a much larger,
much scarier form of predator.
Mary Kee is tormented by sinister phone calls from a mysterious woman. When the stranger reveals she's calling from the
past, Mary tries to break contact, but the caller doesn't like being ignored, and looks for revenge in a unique and terrifying
ways. Troubled divorcee Mary Kee is tormented by a series of sinister phone calls from a mysterious woman. When the
stranger reveals she's calling from the past, Mary tries to break off contact. But the caller doesn't like being ignored, and looks
for revenge in a unique and terrifying way...
A series of unsolved murders raises suspicions among the residents of a Montreal apartment building in this thriller
starring Jay Baruchel, Scott Speedman, and Emily Hampshire. It's the winter of 1995. Montreal has been shaken by a series
of brutal murders when Victor (Baruchel) moves into a tenement building already occupied by Spencer (Speedmam) and
Louise (Hampshire). Shortly after Victor moves in, the killing spree intensifies. As suspicions fall on the newest tenant, both
Victor and his new neighbors begin to reassess their opinions of what it means to have privacy while living in such close
proximity to others
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