Crazy Animal 2007
Across the Universe 2007
Happy Feet 2006
Bratz: Genie magic 2006
Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead 2006
Corpse Bride 2005
Rent 2005
Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical 2005
Producers, The 2005
Balto III: Wings of Change 2004
Beyond the Sea 2004
Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-Lot 2004
Home on the Range 2004
Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper 2004
What a Girl Wants 2003
Jungle Book 2, The 2003
Return to Never Land 2002
Chicago 2002
Eight Crazy Nights 2002
Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year 2002
Ricky tracks down some allegedly bad frat boys, ties them up and sings them cheesy 80s heavy metal songs until they
confess to their crime... well, one of them confesses to his crime... but just as he confesses, he breaks free from his ropes
and begins going on a killing spree!
Musical based on 'The Beatles' (qv) songbook and set in the 60s England, America, and Vietnam. The love story of Lucy and
Jude is intertwined with the anti-war movement and social protests of the 60s. Over 30 Beatles' songs are woven into the plot
together with visual allusions to films _Help! (1965)_ (qv), _Hard Day's Night, A (1964)_ (qv), _Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
(TV)_ (qv), _Yellow Submarine (1968)_ (qv) and _Let It Be (1970)_ (qv).
Set deep inside the icy land of Antarctica, two emperor penguins have a baby named Mumble. Hatched upon his feet, he has
an amazing skill for tap-dancing. However, penguins are not supposed to tap dance. Even worse, he cannot sing. All
emperor penguins are supposed to have a heart song, and he has a try at it - with awful results. Torn apart from his mom,
dad, and best friend, Gloria, as a teenager who still has his adolescent feathers, his ventures off into the icy landscape. He is
rescued from a leopard seal from a group of Adelie penguins, whom which the leader is Ramon. They take Mumble to their
home and discover that all of their fish is being taken from an unknown 'alien' source. They ask Lovelace, an unwise and
cocky leader of the Adelies, to help them. Unfortunately, he proves no help. Leading on an incredible adventure, they try to
discover the threat of their food source and survival. Using courage and bravery, Mumble begins to teach everyone begins to
learn that uniqueness isn't a burden, but is a gift to be treasured.
Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha and Jade, think it's their lucky day when they make friends with a teenaged genie named Katia. She has
magical powers, and best of all, she can grant wishes! But things get wild and crazy when a secret is revealed about the
genie girl that thrusts the Bratz into a world of intrigue and adventure. See them like never before in this feature length, CGI
animated video.
A former member of the Ku Klux Klan, General Lee Roy, now owns and runs a fast food chain 'American Chicken Bunker'. His
new store is located on a site that was the burial ground of Native Americans. He has leased this franchise to an
African-American, Denny, and has hired a Jew-hating/chicken-loving employee, Carl Jr.; a Burkha-clad Muslim woman,
Humus; a Mexican, Jose Paco Bell; a male named Arbie, who is now called 'Daisy' amongst others. He attends the official
opening of the store amidst protests from the local community of atrocities carried out on chickens, and the Indian burial
grounds' desecration. Watch what happens when Lee Roy decides to pacify the protesters with free chicken meat.
Late at night Victor returns to his home going to marry his fiancee Victoria. He has a trouble remembering the upcoming
marriage' vows and trying to have a practice at a forest glade. He puts the ring on the twig which turns out to be a finger of the
Corpse Bride, a girl, killed by her groom some time ago. Her name is Emily, from this very time she insists on being Victor's
legal wife despite the fact he already has the bride. Victor soon finds himself surrounded by the Land of the Dead, the place
which is quite easy to bear if only you got used to see skeletons, eyeballs and the lost heads far and wide. Characters of this
animated story bear strong resemblance to personas of Tim Burton's "Nightmare before Christmas" at some points.
Animated Victor van Dort is voiced by inimitable Johnny Depp and his dead wife wannabe speaks with the voice of Helena
Bonham Carter.
'Rent' tells the story based on Puccini's 'La Boheme' and on Jonathan Larson's award-winning Broadway musical. It's about
of one year in the life of friends living the Bohemian life in modern day East Village, New York City, 1989-1990. They struggle
to express themselves through their art and strive for success and acceptance while enduring the obstacles of poverty,
illness and the AIDS epidemic. The story centers around Mark (Anthony Rapp) and Roger (Adam Pascal), two roommates.
Will this year change their lives or all the things will stay the same? Former and actual junkies, gays, computer and music
geniuses are the modern day's bohemia, but did the human changed novadays?
This film tells the tale of the Harper Affair, in which young Jimmy Harper finds his life of promise turn into a life of debauchery
and murder thanks to the new drug menace marijuana. Along the way he receives help from his girlfriend Mary and Jesus
himself, but always finds himself in the arms of the Reefer Man and the rest of the denizens of the Reefer Den.
Max Bialystock (Nathan Lane) was one of the most successful Broadway producers, but now, in 1959, the things have
changed. He meets Leo Bloom (Matthew Broderick), a sly accountant, who offers him a brilliant shady deal: to raise the
money for a show that would be an assured failure and then vanish with the cash. They hire a Nazi-loving playwright, a blond
Swedish actress with poor English, but after the opening night of their musical 'Springtime for Hitler' they discover the show
isn't bad enough.
The mail in the north used to be delivered by dogsled, but the success of airplane delivery leaves Balto and the other sled
dogs feeling neglected. However, when a delivery plane crashes on a mountain side, the sled dogs get the opportunity to
show their worth. This story also prominently features Balto's son, Kodi, who was among the puppy litter that we met in Balto
II: Wolf Quest.
Consummate entertainer Bobby Darin (1936-1973) is making a movie about his life. He's volatile, driven by the love of
performing, ambition, perfectionism, and belief that he's living on borrowed time. He begins in the Bronx: a fatherless lad
learning music and dance from his mom. His career starts slowly, then "Splish Splash" puts him at the top of the charts and
on "Bandstand." He wants to be an entertainer, not a pop star, so he aims for the Copacabana; then it's on to the movies,
where he meets and marries Sandra Dee. After, it's balancing career, health, marriage and family life, balances he doesn't
always keep. Throughout, conversations with his boyhood self give him perspective.
Funshine Bear travels to Joke-a-lot where the people there crown him king.
When an eviction notice shows up at the gates of the Patch of Heaven dairy farm, three cows take it upon themselves to
prevent their home from being taken away. To do so, they'll need to collect the ransom on Alameda Slim, a cattle rustler with
a yodel that can't be beaten ... or ignored.
In her first animated musical featuring seven original songs, Barbie comes to life in this modern re-telling of a classic tale of
mistaken identity and the power of friendship. Based on the story by Mark Twain, Barbie as The Princess and The Pauper
features Barbie in an exciting dual role as a princess and a poor village girl - two girls who look amazingly alike. The girls'
paths are fated to cross when Princess Anneliese is captured and Erika, her look-alike, must try to save her. Can Erika
pretend to be the Princess and foil her captor, the evil Preminger? And what of the handsome King Dominick, who falls in love
with Erika, mistaking her for Princess Anneliese? In this magical musical performance, two beautiful, adventurous girls dare
to follow their dreams and discover that destiny is written in a very special place: your heart.
Daphne Reynolds (Amanda Bynes) is a cheerful 17-year-old teen who lives in New York City with her loving musician mother,
Libby (Kelly Preston). She makes up her mind to leave for England in search of her father she’s never known. Her daddy
turns out to be Lord Henry Dashwood (Colin Firth), a wealthy aristocrat and powerful poltician. Before she plunges into a
twister of numerous upper-class social events such as bohemian receptions, fashion shows and aristocratic parties,
Daphne has to learn social etiquette and refashion herself; what is more, she should remain true to herself and her ideals.
And she has the ingenuity to achieve her goal!
Mowgli feels out of place in his new home, despite the efforts of his friend Shanti and his new little brother. So when Baloo
arrives for a visit, the man-cub takes the opportunity to return for some fun in the jungle. However, Shanti, believing her friend
was taken, follows them. With Shere Khan still on the hunt for him, Mowgli must protect himself and the ones he cares about
from the dangers ahead. The new adventures make him reconsider his decisions and decide which he wants more - a life
of laid back hilarity with Baloo in the jungle or a simpler existance in the man village with Shanti.
The classic tale of 'Peter Pan' continues in Disney's sequel 'Return to Never Land'. In a world besieged by World War II,
Wendy, now grown up, tries to give her own children hope by telling them of her magical experiences with Peter Pan in Never
Land. However, Jane, Wendy's 12-year-old daughter, sees it all as make believe and refuses to believe in the tales. That is,
until the villainous Captain Hook mistakes her for Wendy and abducts her to Never Land in an attempt to lure and capture
Peter Pan. Peter Pan's quest to return Jane safely home is jeopardized until she can begin to believe in the magic of
Roxie Hart is a married chorus girl with hopes of being a headliner in Vaudeville. Velma Kelly is a former headliner. What do
these two have in common? They both are murderesses. Roxie killed her lover when he walked out on her, and Velma killed
her husband and sister, who were having an affair. Chicago's newspapers love the nitty-gritty and Velma is at the top of the
headlines. But then Roxie comes along and Velma is old news. They find themselves competing for not only the press'
attention, but also the focus of their shared lawyer, the suave Billy Flynn. Add to the mix a sob sister, Roxie's hapless
husband Amos, and a warm prison matron who watches out for her girls (if there's something in it for her), and you have
In this animated musical comedy movie, Davey Stone (Adam Sandler) is a 33-year-old grumpy boozing loser who hates
himself, everyone and everything, especially the holidays. When he faces Hanukah in his New England hometown, he goes
on a drunken rampage and ends up arrested. The judge (Norm Crosby) is about to throw the book at the delinquent but
decides to give him one last chance at redemption and sentences him to service community. Davey must work at the
community center as an assistant referee for the Junior Basketball League. He reluctantly accepts the job, though he realizes
it's much better than going to the state prison for 10 years. But when he meets Whitey Duvall, a good-natured but eccentric
head referee, his sentence turns into a nightmarish disaster...
Pooh Bear and his pals in the Hundred Acre Wood celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve in a pair of adventures folded
into this 65-minute made-for-video feature. In the first, the silly old bear plays Saint Nick to his buddies ("I always thought
he'd be taller") after failing to get an errant wish list off to Santa, while identity crisis strikes the gang in the second half. Piglet
inherits Tigger's hop and jumps like a pogo stick, and Eeyore (dressed in Pooh's shirt) becomes a happy-go-lucky honey
lover. Welcome to The Twilight Zone according to Winnie the Pooh. There's not much A.A. Milne in this TV-style holiday
special, but it's a bouncy little production that should entertain the wee ones with its warm fuzzies, good company, slapstick
energy, and life lessons.
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