2012 Zombie Apocalypse 2011
Final Destination 5 2011
Hostel Part III 2011
The Amityville Haunting 2011
The Hunters 2011
Fright Night 2011
Kill Katie Malone 2011
Bite Marks 2011
11/11/11  2011
The Green Monster 2011
Unhappy Birthday 2011
Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings 2011
Hellraiser: Revelations 2011
Red State 2011
Sodium Babies 2011
The Howling Reborn 2011
Zombie Diaries 2 2011
A Haunting in Salem 2011
Dracula: The Vampire and the Voivode 2011
Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 2011
The desperate survivors of a devastating zombie plague race across the country to seek sanctuary on the island of Catalina in
this apocalyptic shocker starring Ving Rhames, Taryn Manning, and Eddie Steeples.
Death stalks a group of co-workers who avoid a grisly demise in a massive suspension bridge collapse after one of them
experiences a terrifying premonition in the fifth installment of the popular Final Destination series. Series regular Tony Todd
returns in this sequel starring David Koechner, Emma Bell, Nicholas D'Agosto, and Miles Fisher.
A Sin City bachelor party leads to unspeakable suffering thanks to the sadistic clients of Elite Hunting Club. When four friends
are lured off the Strip by a pair of lusty escorts, they think they're in for the time of their life. But it may be the last mistake they
ever make, because the Elite Hunting Club has come to town, and once they've got you, there's no escaping. Kip Pardue,
Thomas Kretschmann, and Skyler Stone star.
Tyler (Devin Clark) and his family move into a new house, but he has a bad feeling about the home's dark past. It soon
becomes clear that there are evil forces residing there and they plan to drag the unwitting residents into hell.
A group of small town high school graduates explore a forbidden area of the forest before leaving for college, and learns
there's a good reason the area was off limits after happening across an abandoned fort with a deadly secret. The walls of
Fort Goben are drenched in blood, and rotting human limbs indicate that something terrible happened in this cold maze of
stone. In that aftermath of that grim discovery, the terrified teens attempt to beat a hasty retreat. Little do they realize that
thanks to The Hunters, no one who enters Fort Goben ever lives to tell the tale.
A suburban Las Vegas teenager realizes that his new neighbor is a charismatic vampire in this remake of the 1985 horror
comedy hit. After years of climbing to reach the top of the social ladder, high school senior Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin)
finally rules the roost. Just as Charley ditches his best pal, "Evil" Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), and starts dating the most
popular girl in their class, however, a handsome new face appears in the neighborhood. It belongs to Charley's new
neighbor Jerry (Colin Farrell), an outwardly amiable guy with a quick smile and a sharp wit. But when Ed vanishes without a
trace andCharley sees a side of Jerry that everyone else seems to miss, the nouveau popular teen becomes convinced that
the nice-guy act is a cover for something truly sinister.
Four college students purchase an antique box containing ghost in an online auction, and realize it's no joke when the
vengeful wraith unleashes her supernatural wrath.
A gay couple on a cross-country backpacking trip encounters a pack of hungry vampires after accepting a ride from a
handsome truck driver in the midst of a sexual crisis. When night falls and the truck breaks down in a secluded junkyard, the
trio locks themselves in the cab in a desperate attempt to survive until sunrise. Meanwhile, the simmering sexual tension
between the three trapped men spikes to a fever pitch.
Jack and Melissa thought nothing of their son's ominous birthday, 11/11, until he began to show terrifying and disturbing
signs of evil. As his increasingly bizarre behavior gives way to full on supernatural horror, it soon becomes apparent that their
child is a gateway to what will become the apocalypse - on his birthday.
When a pair of cannibalistic convenience store owners (Edward X. Young and Colleen Cohan) develop a taste for
teenagers, a group of vigilante high school kids decide that it's time to get savage, and shut down Gerald's Hungry Shack for
A man, his girlfriend, and his gay lover arrive on a secluded island to explore a severed family tie, but soon find themselves
trapped by the rising tide, with little hope of escape. Sadie suffers from hydrophobia, but her boyfriend Rick has just
discovered a secret. A woman named Corrine claims to be Sadie's long lost sister, and she's invited them to Amen, a remote
island with some strange traditions. Little does everyone realize that Sadie has a secret, and as she prepares to make a big
revelation, Rick and his pal Jonny sneak off for some time alone. The following morning Sadie begins suffering from strange
visions. As her initial reservations about Corrine appear to fade, it begins to look like escape from the island is impossible.
College friends take shelter in an abandoned hospital after a giant snow-storm forces them to rethink their vacation plans for
winter break. Now they have to fight for their lives as psychos who used to live there try to kill them all.
When two hard partying friends set Pinhead free during a road trip to Mexico, one tries to cheat damnation by trading bodies
with an innocent. Meanwhile, the Cenobites seek penance by staking a claim on the souls of his friend's terrified family.
Kevin Smith steps his foot into horror territory with this politically tinged fright flick starring Michael Parks (From Dusk Till
Dawn, Grindhouse) as a controversial Fred Phelps-ish reverend who brings his own brand of zealotry to a wayward group of
teens. Smith directs from his own long-in-development script.
Prolific music video directors The Deka Brothers make their feature debut with this highly stylized horror film following the
dark journey of Dead Dog, reluctant ghoul and servant to the ruthless Prince of Vampires. Trained by his ghoul mentor Max in
the art of butchering humans, Dead Dog's primary function is to ensure that his master always has a fresh supply of precious
blood - and he's been performing his duties faithfully for three decades. Just as Dead Dog becomes convinced that he'll be
serving the Prince of Vampires for all eternity, however, a chance meeting with a beautiful, yet strung out junkie named Pussy
Cat offers new hope for a brighter future.
A high school senior learns he descends from a long line of werewolves, and attempts to choose between embracing his
inner-beast and holding on to his humanity as the long-running horror franchise returns. Will Kidman (Landon Liboiron) is
your typical teenager; he's got an eye for girls, and lately his gaze has been lingering on a gorgeous classmate (Lindsey
Shaw). Meanwhile, an enigmatic woman (Ivana Milicevic) from Will's distant past resurfaces with a shocking revelation: Will's
ancestors were lycanthropes, and now he will inherit the secrets of their incredible power. But when Will realizes that
embracing his destiny will spell certain death for the girl he loves, he prepares to make a choice that could spell the end of
his monstrous bloodline, and incur the wrath of the very creatures that have claimed him as one of their own.
Three months after the entire population of the planet was decimated by a highly-contagious zombie virus, a small band of
soldiers and civilians have barricaded themselves in a remote military outpost in the U.K. countryside. Just when all hope
seems lost, the group receives a signal from another fortified military installation claiming that there is sanctuary on the
coast. But getting there won't be easy, because as soon as the message gets through, the legions of the living dead invade.
With their resources dwindling and their spirits nearly broken, the few remaining survivors realize that their only hope is to
fight their way to the coast, and never look back.
He newly-elected sheriff of Salem, Massachusetts attempts to rid his home of malevolent entities after learning that he is the
victim of a cursed that's been passed down through generations.
This exhaustive documentary attempts to tell the history of Bram Stoker's influential novel Dracula, explaining both the
historical antecedents to the story, as well as offering look at Stoker's life in order to help illuminate this enduring horror tale,
and exposing some of the myths surrounding vampires that have long been accepted as fact.
The assistant (Brian Austin Green) to a metal masked killer known as Chromeskull is forced to tie up the loose ends left in
the wake of his boss's most recent rampage. As his work progresses, he finds he revels in the job quite a bit more than is
normal, and begins to pursue a bloody agenda of his own.
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